Pointers on How to Drink Vodka

If you have a special place in your heart—and liver—for liquor, then here are top tips to help you enjoy your vodka drinks in your favorite NYC-based restaurant or gastropub.

A bit of history

Vodka is a Slavic word that translates to “little water” and is often said to have originated from Poland or Russia around the eighth or ninth century, Bustle notes. Unlike other types of alcoholic drinks that have a consistent base ingredient, vodka has none. You can distill corn and beets, potatoes, grains, and more. However, one characteristic it must have is that it’s tasteless. That doesn’t mean you get absolutely nothing, though. While you won’t taste something as strong as the flavor in whisky, you’ll get to enjoy the notes of the ingredients used to make it.

Flavors to enjoy

One of the most common ways to enjoy your vodka drinks in your favorite NYC hangout spot is to order a Bloody Mary. There are plenty of flavors in the drink, though, so you do not get the full hit of the vodka. Give vodka drinks with basil and lime a go. If you want something a bit different, a Velvet Mule may do the job for you.

Chill it

Always drink the vodka chilled. If the restaurant serves it lukewarm, have it sent back. That’s also a sign that you’re probably in the wrong bar and you’ll want to rethink your decision to drink there if they don’t have the proper way to serve you your vodka.

Pair it up with grubs

Don’t forget to pair it up with eats. Order anything off the menu that’s smoked or pickled or cured. That’s going to work exceptionally well. Enjoy it with dried or smoked beef, steak, smoked hams, and creamy or salty cheeses. Venison tartare, dark bread like rye and Russian salad will also be wonderful with your drink.

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