Don’t Miss London’s Cheap Accomodation!

From its magnificent parks to its famous landmarks, the city of London has plenty to offer for even the most experienced traveler. As soon as you arrive in this oft-written about town, you’ll find it hard to feel anything but at home with its friendly people and great vibe. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation london also has plenty to offer, from the simple hostel to some great and affordable hotels. If you find yourself in this city, here are some things you won’t want to miss:

1. First, take the underground to Westminster Station and exit to the street, then look up. Big Ben, in all its glory, will greet you! The parliament in London is undoubtedly the most famous building, and this view is one that should never be denied. Don’t forget the camera!

2. Next, if you enjoy scenic views, why not hop on the London Eye and take a few spins? Even though this landmark is relatively new in the grand scheme of things (it was finished in 2005), it is quickly becoming a famous sight in the city. As you ride, you can take in over 25 miles of London, in all its glory.

3. History buff? Don’t miss out on exploring the Tower of London! From the Norman Conquest to Sir Walter Raleigh, the guided tour here will wet your appetite for all things historical.

4. What trip to London would be complete without a visit to the famous Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard? After the main event (get there early, as it can get pretty packed!), consider touring the gardens and the Royal Collection as well.

5. Finally, don’t miss out on the parks. London has some truly lovely city green spaces and they can be the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon during your visit! Consider going to the most famous, Hyde Park. It’s absolutely beautiful!

If you do travel to the city, you should really consider cheap accommodation london. This will help to cut down on expenses and let you use that money you saved to really enjoy the city to its fullest extent!

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