Attractions in Tampa

Tampa is a city perched on Tampa Bay which is located on the west coast of Florida, USA near the Gulf of Mexico. It possesses several attractions which makes it an entertaining tourists’ site. The list of activities is endless – Tampa hosts an exceptionally active day time and has a rich night life experience as well.

Travelers generally prefer to stay in Tampa beachfront hotels for numerous reasons. The view of the beach merging with the Gulf of Mexico is undoubtedly refreshing, especially during daybreak and sunset. The variety of bars at each hotel allows you to enjoy the moment with an exciting cocktail or drink of your choice. Tampa is a city of extremely friendly citizens who make you feel home from the first day.

Additionally, Tampa beachfront hotels are centrally located with most of Tampa’s attraction within easy reach. The airports are situated within close proximity to these hotels, so you can reach it in time to catch your plane even if you lazed around dangerously for a couple of minutes.

The most popular places in Tampa with regards to children are the theme parks, museums, aquariums and zoos. A water park by the name of “Adventure Island” houses over 30 acres of land containing water slides, pools, cafes, gift shops and arcades to keep the children and adults equally busy and active. It is therefore, a major visiting sight loved by people of all ages.

The infamous Disney Land also happens to be located within easy access from Tampa. With four unique theme parks and the immense worldwide recognition it has, Disney Land is a must-visit site for all kids. It is absolute injustice to go to Tampa and overlook this popular tourist site.

The Glazer Children’s Museum is one-of-a-kind with over 12 themed plays. The plays are designed to represent a real city where children can role play in several capacities like the shopkeeper, firefighter, car driver etc. It is a fun-filled and interactive educational experience for kids.

The Lowry Zoo extends over an area of 56 acres and preserves the wildlife in their usual habitat, allowing visitors to appreciate them in their natural forms. There are more interesting activities for children including camel riding and feeding giraffes.

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