Why is staying in motels much more advantageous?

motelsEvery person loves to have some spontaneous trips to a near-by tourist spot or just go for a long drive over the week-end. These trips are more often unplanned and you do not always make prior reservation at any hotel. In such a situation, motels are the best option for you. One can find a number of motels along the highways.

One can not always believe the talk about how motels are not clean and are often pest-infected. Also, it would be foolish for anyone to be prejudiced about motels based on Hollywood’s portrayal of motels in their movies. One can get a number of benefits by opting for motels.

Staying in motels will cost you much less than what you would have to pay if you book into a hotel. Motels are a great option if you are a budget traveler and need a place just to catch up on your sleep or rest for a while. It can also save you some money which you can use to see a new spot you missed earlier or to shop some more.

Motels are very quiet since a motel will not have as many rooms as a hotel would. They make the guest feel relaxed as they are cozy and comfortable. Also, since the size is not that big the staff will be able to provide better and personalised service to each of their guests. This also gives motels the advantage of better accessibility. You will not have to walk in the corridor corridor and take an elevator to reach your room.

Most motels will have a tea and coffee maker along with a small refrigerator. So, you can always store the food you want and save on that on your vacation too. Also, there are a number of motels which allow you to bring your pet along so that you do not feel guilty for leaving it at home while you enjoy your vacation. So, do not worry about staying in motels when you get all these advantages on your vacations.

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