Learn More about Cuban Food and Why It Is So Delicious

Most people are unsure of what Cuban food is or where it comes from. While it comes from Cuba, it is actually a fusion of different cuisines, including Caribbean, African, Spanish and Native American foods. Because it shares spices and techniques with so many different cuisines, it has an interesting and unique cultural influence.

You will likely find a lot of seafood in Cuban food because Cuba is an island and will find that certain root vegetables and fruits are used from the tropical climate of Cuba.


Western Cuban food typically uses more flour and has the rice and beans as separate in the dish. Other times, raisins, olives and capers are used to inspire a sweet-and-sour flavor that is very typical with the Western cuisine.

Typical foods include puff pastries, guava, coconut, béchamel sauces, chicken, fish, ham, ground beef, filled potato balls and fried plantains, among others. Because of its area, western cuisine does use eggs more often than traditional Cuban food, as well as fried eggs, fish and chicken.


If you are interested in a more eastern Cuban cuisine, your food will likely be influenced by Caribbean and African cuisines. You will typically find red beans and rice instead of black beans and pork, along with other foods.

Cuban Restaurants

Typical Cuban restaurants will have traditional Cuban food. Appetizers usually include ceviche, which is marinated fish, lime juice, cilantro and red onions, as well as fried yucca, empanadas and chicharon de Pescado.

Most restaurants will also include soup and salad options, which can include a Cesar or regular salad and black bean soup.

Sandwiches and Wraps

Cuban sandwiches are made specifically and include specific Cuban breads that are buttered, along with thinly sliced ham, roast pork, dill pickles, Swiss cheese and mustard. However, many restaurants have included other types of meat or bread, such as salami, lettuce, tomatoes and more. Once the sandwich is created, it is pressed and heated so that the sandwich is compressed. Then it is cut diagonally and served, usually with French fries.

Wraps can include burritos, quesadillas and a variation of the Cuban sandwich and typically includes Cuban food such as black beans, rice and more. You may also find that the wrap offers a special type of sauce that was created to meld perfectly with the wrap and bring out the flavors.

Learning about Cuban food will help you understand the different options available in these restaurants, such as Mambos Cuban Café Pizzeria.

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