Learn about Types of Steak to Make Better Steak Choices

In order to make good food choices concerning the type of steak you like to eat, you need to actually understand the different types of steak. There are a number of different cuts of beef, which vary in tenderness and flavor. Whether you like Porterhouse, flatiron, or a prime rib, the cut is going to define the steak. Once you learn about the different types of steaks, then ordering a steak can become easy. It will also help you when it comes to choosing lean steak, or fatty marbled steaks that tends to be more flavorful.

The Chateaubriand, Delmonico, and Filet Mignon
When it comes to size, the Chateaubriand is a rather large piece of tenderloin. Typically it can feed two people or more. The meat is located at the pointed end of the short loin, and is scrumptious when roasted. The next cut is the Delmonico, which was named after the New York restaurant that began serving it in the 19th century. It is a boneless cut that is derived from the rib segment. When you think of Filet Mignon, think of the French language. The name translates to tenderloin and is the tapered, tender part of the short loin.

The Flank Steak, Flatiron Steak, Hanger Steak and London Broil
When you daydream about fajitas, you are dreaming of flank steak. This cut of meat comes from the underbelly and is known to grill quickly. The flatiron steak is a part of the top blade and named ‘flat’ because it resembles the look of a flatiron. The part of meat that hangs between the loin and ribs is called the Hanger steak. A rather large cut on the flank is the London Broil and it is typically a thin cut of steak that is marinated to become tender then broiled.

The New York Strip, Porterhouse and Prime Rib
The meat that is marbled and located at the bigger end of the short loin is the New York Strip steak. Porterhouse is known as the T-Bone’s bigger brother and is really a cut of meat that is a combination of a T-Bone steak and the New York Strip. Bone in rib steak is called Prime Rib, and it is absolutely full of flavor.

Ribeye, Sirloin Steak, and T-Bone
A Ribeye is a prized steak that has beautiful marbling and flavor; it is the T-Bone without the bone. The Sirloin steak sits between the rump and short loin, and is less tender than short loin steaks, but big on flavor. The T-Bone gets its name from the bone that is T-shaped and running down the center of the steak. It is similar to the Porterhouse, but the filet side tends to be smaller.

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