Information about the Top Steakhouse in Cincinnati


Steakhouses are popular for the wide variety of excellent food that they have. The Top Steakhouse Cincinnati provides you with the chance of having an unforgettable experience eating out alone or in the company of others. This is because such a steakhouse not only has good food but also good drinks and a comfortable ambiance for its clients.

Tony’s steaks & seafood is among the top steakhouses in Cincinnati. This restaurant is located at 12110 Montgomery Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45140. Their telephone contact is 513-667-1993, which allows you to call to make reservations for a great dinner. Their opening hours are set for 5 p.m. and closing hours are at 9 p.m. for Mondays, 10 p.m. from Tuesday to Thursday and 11 p.m. from Friday to Saturday. With such hours, you have the chance of going for the best meals from this steakhouse.

This restaurant provides you with the chance of enjoying a wide variety of well-prepared steaks. These steaks are prepared differently and you have the option of choosing one among the many types available. In addition, they have a variety of seafood. Their seafood is very delicious and many people have found it to be a great choice from their menu. There are different desserts, salads, soups and other meals available, which provide you with the rare opportunity of enjoying excellent food at great prices.

Drinks are available at this steakhouse at affordable prices too. Their bar is well stocked with different types of award winning wines and juices. You can have your meal with your drink of choice and enjoy a good conversation with people. Good music goes well with good food and this is available at Tony’s. Private dining is available if you need to have a private moment with your company while enjoying great food.

The ambiance in this steakhouse allows you to be comfortable while dinning. The staff makes sure to provide you with quality services to ensure that your needs are met within the shortest time. You get to enjoy quality and freshly cooked food. To enjoy excellent and delicious steaks and seafood, visit this steakhouse.

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