Discover the Best Japanese Lunch Specials in Mississippi

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day and dinner seems to get all the fame and glory when it comes to books, art, and film, where does that leave lunch? In a pretty important position itself, as it turns out. Anyone who has ever worked a 9-to-5 job knows just how important and restorative that lunch hour can be. Not to mention, lunch dates are a fun casual phenomenon in their own right, and of course in the world of big business and entertainment, when there’s a deal to be made between parties, what do they say? “Let’s do lunch.”

And when the movers and shakers “do lunch,” you can bet that they’re going to check what the specials are that day. Here are just a few lunch specials for you to consider the next time you visit Osaka Restaurant.

Sushi Options and Lunch Roll Combos

Few things are more commonly associated with Japanese cuisine than sushi. It’s known and enjoyed the world over, and you can partake of some of the best sushi options in the South! Eel dragon sushi, for example, has an incredibly distinct taste, while a cucumber roll is a great vegetarian option and thus allows you to enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine while still maintaining your diet. Lunch roll combos at allow you to select any two or three sushi rolls, making for one of the best sushi lunch specials around.

Noodles and Rice

In the mood for a bit of a lighter lunch? Then why not try some of the great noodles and rice combos offered at Osaka Restaurant as well? Both Yaki Udon and Yakisoba are incredibly creative noodles and rice dishes, while seafood, shrimp, and chicken fried rice are all very satisfying lunch specials.

Make the most out of your lunch hour with some great lunch options featuring the best of Japanese cuisine!

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