Affordable Holiday Villas in Orlando

A visit to Orlando is always exciting due to the warm temperatures, inviting waters, and activities. Figuring out where you are going to stay is part of the planning. You don’t want to leave this until the last minute, or you may pay more than you wanted to. You can find great holiday villas in Orlando for a very good price. They offer more space and privacy than your typical hotel room.

Where You Can Stay

When you rent one of our holiday villas, you will have your choice of numerous areas around Orlando. This is important because not everyone wants to stay in the same location. Here at Orlando Rent A Villa, we want to make sure you have accommodations that are clean, comfortable, and located in a convenient area. You can check out our website to identify all of the areas where we offer villas. We continue to expand our locations too.

You are never alone to navigate all Orlando has to offer when you stay in one of our villas. All of the representatives at Orlando Rent A Villa are familiar with the surroundings and the many activities. They can help you with planning your day, getting tickets, or finding a delightful place to dine. Feel free to ask for any assistance you may need with these concerns, transportation, or anything else that comes up.

There is a free emergency phone number you can call 24/7 if you need anything at all while staying in one of our villas. All of the villas have free Wi-Fi, and there is plenty of parking in the area. The areas are well lit and safe. Each villa is inspected with a manager when you arrive and again with you before you leave. This is a verification process to ensure the villa is in top condition when you arrive, and will be the same for the next guests after you depart.


The cost of the options at Orlando Rent A Villa depends on the size and the location where you wish to stay. The time of year when you plan your travels will also influence prices. To help get the lower prices, consider staying during the week rather than on the weekends. Avoid holidays, which will be more expensive due to the demand.

We also offer a rewards club membership for holiday villas. If you plan to stay with us regularly, you definitely need to sign up for this program. You will get the best prices, and you will also get some free benefits, such as tickets for activities or meals. We have one and two bedroom villas, as well as some that offer 6 bedrooms. They can be ideal for a couple, a family, or even for several families to stay together.

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